Beyond manufacturing, reworking and sales of surface equipment like tanks, vessels and tubing, Petrosmith offers a number of other services that will make your operations more efficient and productive. From Auto-CAD equipment design to site layout, we can develop the configuration of equipment that fits your needs in the field. Our fleet of more than 10 trucks and 30 trailers give you fast, efficient, monitored delivery wherever you need your equipment, and our construction team will build and hook-up your site to your specifications. When it comes to service, we are never finished until you are satisfied. Let us develop solutions to help you get the job done.

Our Services

Plug and Abandonment Operations

Petrosmith has plug and abandonment rigs and well service units completely outfitted for the most versatile and efficient operations. Petrosmith boasts 4 P&A rigs and will plug wells for cash or salvage.


Petrosmith is a full service company with a fleet large enough to deliver and set your order in a timely manner. With some of the newest equipment available to meet your needs with 10 trucks and an assortment of 35 trailers, which enable us to meet most every need you would have in the production & oil field industry. We also have some of the best drivers in the industry willing to do what ever you need to have your location set the way you need before we go home. We meet and exceed all safety rules and regulations. We are committed to safety in all aspects of our operations.