Internal Pipe Coating

Petrosmith’s pipe coating facilities are capable of providing new and used pipe, tubing and casing coating from 20-42 feet in length. These coatings prolong the life of your pipes, protecting them from the elements and from the harsh corrosives found in saltwater, petroleum products and other oil and gas production chemicals.

Our powder coating supplier is Valspar/AkzoNobel.

  • Petrosmith offers nylon coating, epoxy coatings and modified epoxy coatings
  • Petrosmith has powder for drill pipe, tubing and casing
  • Petrosmith can powder coat the couplings using a Ryton powder or our Nylon powder
  • Per customer request, we can provide powder from any supplier

Petrosmith’s primer supplier is Rohm-Haas, and we only use Corvel EP-10 Primer.

  • Corvel EP-10 provides adhesion at elevated temperatures and pressures, which assures performance in the presence of salt water, CO2, H2S, petroleum distillates and drilling muds.

Petrosmith boasts two sets of power tongs to remove or install couplings before and after coating the pipe.

Two burn out ovens on site that keep the coating plant efficient. There are two coating ovens that are 45 feet wide for pre-heat and post-heat operations.

  • This ensures the pipe is heated to the correct coating temperature prior to coating, and we are using the correct temperature on the final bake. The special oven widths allow the pipe to be in the heat for a longer time.

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