Piping Systems


A piping system is more than simply sticks of pipe welded together. It is the lifeline of the facility. As part of the Modflex by Petrosmith offering, our Petrosmith piping systems can vary in size, length, and design to accommodate any type of facility layout. Whether they are simple gap skids connecting your inlet separators on your well site facility, or the entire header system for a central battery, Petrosmith modular piping systems are the solution. Our modular piping systems are prefabricated, assembled, hydro tested and 100% fit up in our facility prior to being shipped out to site. This process lowers costs, improves mechanical completion timelines, and eliminates safety issues that are seen in the field with alternative methods of execution. From the inlet to the transfer point on your facility, Petrosmith modular piping systems are an essential piece to any facility modularization program.

Pressure Ratings:

Atmosphere to 3000psig

Weather Option: Insulate in Cold weather, No insulation in Warm Weather

Inlet Manifolds

An inlet manifold is a piping and valving system that acts as a gathering point for multiple well streams. It allows the streams to be separated and gives the operators the ability to control where an individual well stream will be sent in the facility due to the valving setup. Inlet manifolds are as the name states at the beginning of a central gathering facility or a multi-well facility. Inlet manifolds are also called valving manifold, test/bulk manifold, multi-well manifold, inlet control manifold. The biggest benefit is in central gathering and the control the valving system provides to operating testing cycles vs. bulk separation as well as being designed for the capability to expand to more incoming well streams.

Internal Options:

Internal Coating

Pressure Ratings:

- 250
- 500
- 2000
- 3000
- 6000


- Manual Operated Valves
- Automated Valving System: Cyclical Testing or Bulk Separation
- Specifically for Gas
- Flanged Connections
- Threaded Connections
- Grooved Connections
- B31.3 as Specified by Customer Request


2" to 16"

Weather Option: May insulate in Cold weather, No insulation in Warm Weather

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